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Bob Dancer is a video poker expert and gambling author best known for his book Million Dollar Video Poker, which recounts six years of video poker experiences. He is the prime video poker expert behind the Video Poker for Winners software.

WinPoker for iOS - Free download and software reviews ... WinPoker a video poker trainer for the iPhone. Learn how to correctly play video poker. Use WinPoker to play while you learn! Single play, triple play, 5 play and 10 play options that can be ... Bob Dancer's WinPoker, video poker software - Holdem Tight WinPoker (2011, version 6.0) Zamzone Software Solutions. (For Windows) This is serious training software for people wanting to play perfect video poker. If you strive for more hands per hour -- with accuracy -- this program is for you. If you chase comps or advantage opportunities, this software is indispensable.

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How Video Poker Legend Bob Dancer Inspired Him To Quit… Dancer won $1 million in 6 months playing video poker.This week we discuss how to learn video poker, and play with an edge. Which books to use, software, websites, etc. Gambling With an Edge is a weekly radio show dedicated to making you a better... Bob Dancer: How I Became A Millionaire Playing Video … Bob started playing video poker on the side. Dancer had a grasp of mathematics, as he obtained aDancer spent his time crunching numbers, trying to figure out the mathematical odds of each hand ofIt paid off though, as Dancer won over a million dollars playing video poker from 2000 to 2001.

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After downloading and installing the software, you will be able to use Video Poker for Winners for 3 days. After 3 days, you'll need to purchase an activation code in order to "unlock" the software. Hopefully by then, you'll be convinced that Video Poker for Winners will be well worth the investment.

Bob Dancer Video Poker Author Million Dollar video Poker In his book Million Dollar Video Poker, Bob Dancer recounts his experiences during the six years he was a full time video poker player, during which he won over a million dollars in six months.

Steve Bourie, interviews video poker expert Bob Dancer about How to Become a Professional Video Poker Player.Million Dollar Video Poker | Let's Play Slots of Million Dollar Video Poker book written by Bob Dancer

Home · Free Slots · Free Table Games; Casino Games ... Frugal Video Poker, by Jean Scott and Victor Nacht, is one of the best books on video poker. ... Million Dollar Video Poker is a memoir by Bob Dancer, relating the story of how he started ... Winning Strategies for Video Poker by Lenny Frome is another essential book ... Playing Multi-Strike Poker - ReadyBetGo! You can practice Multi-Strike Poker on Bob Dancer's Video Poker for Winners! ... When you get a Free Pass, you get to go to the next round whether you win the ... Gambling With an Edge Bob Dancer & Richard Munchkin - Apple 3 days ago ... Professional gamblers Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin host ... Spin, and Win [ 26:44] Gold membership offers free strategy ...