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Coca-Cola was already America's top-selling soft drink in 1928 when sales of bottled Coke finally outstripped soda fountain sales. In 1929, Glascock Brothers Manufacturing Co. of Muncie, Indiana, introduced Coke's first vending machine, a 151-lb. ice box that held 72 6-ounce bottles.

Vintage Coca-Cola Vending Machine : EBTH Vintage Coca-Cola Vending Machine. Item Details. A vintage Coca-Cola branded vending machine. This electric refrigerated machine, a “Drink Box” was made in Germany by Sielaff GMBH & Co. It is made of metal and has been painted bright red with the Enjoy Coke logo in white across the... Need help getting a (vintage?) coca-cola machine… The machine is a functioning fridge, but does not dispense any soda. :( The coin mech seems functional (it's newer than the rest of the machine, says 1978 on it. Spits quarters to the return when the machine is off, accepts the quarters to the catch when plugged in. Art Now and Then: Slot Machine Art | Our 1960s vintage … Slot Machine Art. Colorful, exciting, and impoverishing.I don't know about Pepsi, but as I was researching this posting I found that there was (is) actually a Coca-Cola slot machine (below, right).The slot machine is just over 125 years old. Have a Coke Vintage Coca-Cola Vending Machine Ceramic…

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Professionally Restored Cavalier 72 Coca-Cola Machine ... All the advancements in technology, efficiency, insulation, cooling, paint and safe wiring — but with the classic Coke vintage vending appeal and history. Trust me: You will be the talk of your friends! You will be the new mayor of Coolville, Daddy-O. Free pickup in Chicago Chicagoland Antique Advertising, Slot Machine & Jukebox Show 11-12 to ... 50's Soda Machines: Restored, Vintage, Vendo, Cavalier, VMC ... Our sister company, Back In Time Warehouse, restores vintage 50’s soda machines to better then new condition. Below you will see some of their most popular 1950’s models. Over the past few years the value of these machines has skyrocketed! For a “close up” look, click any of the machines below. vintage coca cola machine

Vendo V-83 Coca-Cola Vending Machine The V-83 is Vendo’s first coin-operated, upright soda vending machine to be mass-produced, and was made exclusively for the Coca-Cola Company from 1946 to 1955. Coca-Cola Cavalier Office Cooler The Cavalier Coca-Cola Office Cooler The Cavalier Corporation produced this machine in the late 1940’s, early 1950’s. This Coca-Cola cooler was CocaCola Shop Compare prices for CocaCola. Shop CocaCola now! Rare Soda Bottles Shop

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The restoration process takes at least two months. So, get your order in now and have your freshly restored vintage soda machine . Coca Cola Machines For Sale are: Vendo 81B Coke Machine Vendo 39 Coke Machine VMC 44 Coke Machine Ideal Slider 55 Coke Machine . Vendo 81 Coke Machine For Sale 1956 Vendo 81B Coca Cola machine for sale.

Beermachines About Our 1950's Coca Cola machines, Coca Cola Bars, and Vintage Gas Pumps are ... selling, and restoring all types of vintage collectibles including slot machines ... Old Coke Machines for Sale - Vintage Antique Coca-Cola Values ... Old Vintage Antique Coca Cola Machines for Sale from online auction sites and... ... Vintage Coca-Cola Vending Machine Vendo 39D All Original Looks And ... Restored Vending Machines: Restorations To Full Working Order Restored Antique Soda Machines, Candy Vendors, Slots, And More ... Vintage Jacobs Coca-Cola 5 Cent Vending Machine: Rare, Complete, Working – ...